looking to move switch panel of dash on 28te

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Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:53 pm

I am looking to switch to a 12 inch screen, currently I have a 7 inch and need to make room for an auto pilot display and want make my dash look more modern. I see some have moved the switch panel right below dash on starboard side. It appears to be a perfect fit and was wondering if anyone had experience with this? One other thought was to switch to a single line switch panel under dash with newer style covered switches sense they will now be in a spot that you can easily hit with leg. For the sake of aesthetics I think this may be best but would be a lot of tedious work. I am honestly hoping to hear you can just easily unscrew panel cut out hole under dash and then without disconnecting any wires slide it into position. I have to get to boat and look over again. I do believe I have decent access to back of dash from bathroom but not sure about the starboard side below dash.. I have also seen them put the switch panel under the window but i already have radio, 4 switch panel with various functions so that's out . I will have to see what's labeled already and look through paperwork. I definitely have some schematics but not sure if i have the dash. I didn't want this undertaking but sense I need to move stuff already for auto pilot and a 12 inch screen i bought at 2am one night because it was a steal. Now I have made a big job for myself. I was having AIS installed sense I plan on being on ocean at night sleeping on hook at times.. I am now thinking of wiring everything my self. Auto pilot is out of my league but i can power it and run wires for antennas, sensors and network connections. Programming and making all final connections will be left to a pro. I have a guy that has been walking me through what I need I would want to give him some work and can use the help the learning system. If you are on Long island Roger at CMI in lindenhurst is great. He came highly recommended and I can see why if you are not an open check book than sometimes we have to do what we can ourselves and he gets that.
I look forward to any insight on the subject.
Thank you

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