My "old" new Albin 35TE and need for ideas

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Hello everyone,

After having sold my 1997 28 TE I was without an Albin for a few years.
I am from Turkey and there were only 3 TE Albins there. 1 X 28TE (mine) and 2 X 35 TEs. Finally, 2 months ago I purchased one of the 35TE with twin Cat 3126 350 HP engines. The engines have 1200 hours on them and this Albin was brought to Turkey "new" in 2001. Built in 2000. I am still trying to figure it out. The boat was actually not moving around a lot but staying in the harbor for a quite long time.
When I bought it, it was in a very bad shape and not maintained for a very very long time.
Before deciding to start with a bigger project like repair and paint work I have just fixed, replaced and added some things to have the boat at least for 1 year trouble free and see what needs to be done.
So what is done:
Did the usual maintenance of the engines (oil & filter change etc.), and repaired 2 shaft seals
Did bottom paint & polish, the bottom was painted repeatedly and the bottom was sanded till to the gelcoat but there was a red silicon rubber kind protection I guess which couldn’t be sanded.
Due to a bad aftermarket air-condition installation, water intake was not sealed properly, I had some water in the hull and this was drained and dried.
Checked electrical connections and added Webasto heater, 2 KW invertor, new batteries
Replaced some of the bilge pumps and wash down pump, the toilet and all the related hoses
Replaced the steering pump at the helm and the cylinder at the back, added additional steering wheel and Top Mount Twin Control at the rear deck (for fishing/trolling) all UFLEX
Added electronics; 2 X Garmin MFD 12&9", GSD 26 black box, 2 X B175 (L & M) transducers, Garmin Fantom 24 radar dome, complimentary to my existing AP28 autopilot
Replaced existing rod holders with Bluewater rod holders and added 2 on gunnels and 4 at transom
Replaced cabin and other lights to LED.
Replaced the faucets, the originals were all green.
Added 6X160Watt solar panels
Added a tent for the rear deck, which is pushed back if not needed
Replaced the swimming ladder, put new fenders and did some other small fixes.
Maintained the trim tabs, (Bennett hydraulic) fixed one retractor.
Then, I took the boat from Istanbul to Bodrum to test drive (appr. 400 nm.) and enjoy my vacation there.
Most of the plastic south-co slam latches were broken and replaced with the same ones.
My impressions:
The hull has very little gelcoat left, has cracks and uneven surface at some places
The upper deck seems the same and has some spider cracks, broken parts of fiberglass, the deck hatches are not even with the deck when closed.
Deck hatch latches are greenish corroded.
Deck hatch hinges are from gem lux and want to replace them with gem lux friction hinges.
Max RPM I could get was 2100 RPM and max speed of 21 knots, which seems to me not right. Cats should have 2800 RPMs and I expected at least 26 knots WOT. The props has been changed before me. The transmission is ZF with 1: 1.533 ratio
The port engine has started always by the second time.
The engines are badly corroded everywhere.
No dim and vibration from both engines.
When the seas were 3- 5’ and when the bow slammed against the waves a very unpleasant “crack” sound from the head room, just below my feet when I was in there.
Some of the stainless parts all around the boat including handrails were a little loose and had corrosion spots even after polishing.
The non-skid paint is worn out and came off with a little pressured water and not so non-skid any more.
The glass windows do not leak but have like some sand inside and I cannot remove them with washing. Maybe they are just old.
The boat seems to lean to her starboard when staying still. I have realized some ballast on the port side, didn’t see the starboard side yet.
The water intakes and valves below the waterline are not in a good condition. Some of the valves are not working at all.

So, according to this information I have, I have decided on following project and kindly ask you for your input “don’t or go for it or do it this way” and if you have some manuals or anything related please send them to me. I have no docs from the previous owner.
First of all, I will take the boat to some marina and find out the real weight of the boat along with waterline length, total length etc.
Every stainless parts, through hull water intakes & valves and other necessary parts (furniture etc.) will be uninstalled, de-mounted and the engines will be removed for maintenance and will be painted.
When the boat will be naked all the needed repair works to fiberglass, bilge room, roof etc will be done and will be ready for paint. I was thinking of awlgrip awlcraft or international perfection.
Window frames will be painted and window glasses will be replaced with new ones
All the latches and hinges will be replaced with stainless ones any advice??
The bomar I guess stainless portlight hatches will be maintained and the upper bomar hatch need to be replaced.
For exterior deck I was thinking of flexi teek instead of non skid paint and for interior teak.
All the other mechanical, electrical work will be done in between.

Thank you for reading and for your help!
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