Purchasing 1987 Albin 36

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I am a current Albin 27 owner and am looking for more room. I am considering an Albin 36 from 1987. The one I have looked at looks in good condition on the exterior and the teak deck has been removed and nonskid epoxy in its place. The original engine has been replaced by an American Marine Diesel currently with 1400 hrs. Original fuel tanks. Under most windows there is quite a bit of water damage causing delamination of the wood below and damage to the shelf directly below the window. I am wondering what a reasonable starting offer would be for this boat. Of course the offer would be contingent on passing a survey and no other major items showing up. Does anyone know what a boat in this condition actually sells for? I appreciate the help.

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Sounds like several positives and a few negatives. Is it a freshwater or saltwater boat?
$40 to 50K?
What are they asking on Yachtworld?
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There are far too many other variables to provide any meaningful recommendations about a starting offer based upon your description. Suffice it to say that Albin 36's can sell from mid-20s to high-60s depending upon condition, equipment, generator, A/C, electronics, and other systems.

If you'd like to provide more information, I suspect responses might help you better zero in on price.
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Is there a listing yet with pics? Sounds a lot like mine upgrade wise but 10 tears newer.
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Did you buy the boat?
Calm seas,


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