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I post this every once in awhile to remind people that we are on Facebook. The group has over 1400 members from
all over the world. I think it is the best place to find information on the Albin Cruisers. I know a lot of the older crowd
is hesitant to join Facebook. If I can make a suggestion.... Go to yahoo.com and make up a fake email address and use that address to mke a Facebook page. This way you can keep your personal information private and off Facebook.. This is what I do. Come on out and see what we can offer.


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I think it is a nice place to get help on a urgent issue and share stories but its a near useless tool to store informations and how to’s. I often have to reference to albinowners when people as for stuff. The FB group Albin25 ägare has even more stuff and despite being Swedish its quite international. Right now i logged in here for window thickbess on A25 for a FB post
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