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But no, not THAT kind.

I'm searching for my Albin 27, and am looking at 2 this coming week. As with everything else in life, there's a long list of trade-offs.
My wife and I had a 1982 Marine Trader DC 34' during the 90s that we kept near Portsmouth, N.H. We became good boating friends with the owner of an Albin 43' Sundeck and we did a lot of boating together from Boston on up to Kennybunkport.
We sold our Marine Trader and took a break from boating. A few years ago we moved up here to the coast of Maine, between Bucksport and Castine.
We are both retired and really want to get back out on the water. While I'd love a 40' trawler parked down in Belfast, that's not quite practical for us at this point.
The Albin 27 checks a LOT of boxes for us, and I've been chasing this model on and off for the past year. Seemed like every time I found one and made an inquiry, it was already under contract. There are a few down south in Florida and Texas, but that's a bit too far away.

I've located a couple up in the Northeast so will be checking them out this coming week.

We'll see what happens. The board has already proven to be a valuable resource while doing research into various aspects of owning a 40-50yr old boat.

Glad to be here, and we hope we see you soon out on the water,

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Welcome aboard & good luck with your search. I have a cousin who lives nearby in Hampden. Her late mother, my paternal aunt, was in a nursing home in Bar Harbor until she was moved to a nursing home in Belfast a few months before she passed in 2020 at age 96. We visited there on an RV trip in 2017.

Back in 2018 my wife and I had given some serious thought to finding a Marine Trader or like Taiwan built 34 or 36 trawler, including looking at several that were for sale, to keep up in NW Washington as a summer semi-live aboard retreat so we could get away from trailering our A25 1,600 miles up from Phoenix & back to escape our brutal Arizona summers. But we gave up on that idea due to the cost of purchasing & keeping one up there so far away from home. What was your impression of the Marine Trader/CHB trawlers & what boxes does an A27 check compared to finding another Taiwan trawler? The accommodations on a CHB/Marine Trader/Universal trawler are arguably much better than an A27.
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