28 TE engine 200 hp vs 300 hp

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Can anyone tell me why Albin switched from a 200 hp to a 300 hp in their production? I guessing it was some time mid 90's.
I'm currently looking at a '94 with a Peninsular 6.2 L, and am wondering if it is under-powered for the hull design, or if maybe the demand was to have more powerful engines? I need something that can power through bigger water with a load, if needed. Anyone have experience running a 28 with a 200 hp? Thanks.
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I don’t know when the switch was made but…more power=more speed. In the 90s there was a big push for these boats to go faster. Which more power allowed. There was a time when a 12-15knt cruise was sufficient but people wanted to cruise faster. Heck most sportfish boats today cruise significantly higher than mine does flat out. That’s the reason.

As for if it’s enough I guess it depends on what kind of person you are. If you want to get from point a to b as fast as possible. Then no it won’t be enough. But if you want to take your time abd don’t care how fast you go then 200 will be plenty.
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