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Hi, Everyone: I'm a new member as well as a new owner of an Albin 28 TE. I bought it in NY and it will be on its way to CA in about a week from now. Very excited, nervous, etc. I want to change from a NY DMV registration to a USCG documented vessel, but I'm in need of the cabin house dimensions to finish my application. I'm just wondering if anyone has gone through that process and can provide me with those dimensions from a direct measurement of their own boat. Thanks.
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Hi Dugly,

I hope you like your Albin 28 TE as much as most of us do! When I bought my Albin, I decided to do what you are doing, going from a state registration to CG documentation. Is your question about dimensions related to CG form CG-5397 - Application for Simplified Measurement? If this is the form you are using for your application for documentation, then I don't think you need cabin house dimensions. I used what others had said they used on this form. 1. Vessel name, 2. Hull ID, 3. Hull material FRP (fiberglass), 4. Propulsion - located inside of hull, 5. Shape of hull - powerboat, ship or circular, 6. dimensions - overall length 28.0 ft 4 inches - overall breadth 9.0 ft 10 inches - overall depth 5.0 ft, 8 in. I left the rest of the form, sections 7, 8, 9. blank. It calculated gross tonnage of 10 GRT and net tonnage of 8 NRT which is what others on this forum had said they used. My application was approved without any questions. I admit that I was unsure of the overall depth based on the diagram on the form. It seems that the depth would vary depending on where you measured along the hull.
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