Type of resin used in 2007 35 CB

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I am at the beginning of a dispute with a boat yard about my recent bottom job. The bottom paint used before was Petit Hydrocoat and was in the water for 4 years, until hauled for a new bottom job a few weeks ago. THe new paint is peeling off after only 6 weeks at our home dock THe "official" verdict from Interlux and the yard manager is that the bottom is wet due to water intrusion through the old bottom paint. This is smoke because I had my diver clean and inspect the hull just 3 days before hauling. At my request, he went over the entire bottom while in the water looking for any sign of blisters. IN addition, he went over the bottom with his hands to "feel" for any sign. He said clear as a bell. 2 days after haul out I went to the yard and inspected the hull while hanging in the slings before pressure washing. I saw no sign of any blisters.

SO, the question I have is "does anyone know if hull construction in 2007 used polyester resin or vinylester resin". Please advise if you are confident of the answer.

They have made a very attractive offer to sand blast down to the gel coat, repair any blisters found, apply 2 coats of epoxy barrier coat, then apply new bottom paint with 2 coats on the bottom and 3 at the waterline.
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Albin used vinyl ester for hulls. That information was given to me
By a couple of former Albin workers at Standish Boat yard in RI. Where I bought a 2004 35 CB. So you should not see any blisters.
My guess is a bad batch of interlux. I’ve never seen bottom paints incompatible with each other or moisture cause the bottom paint to start falling off. Haul, power wash, and use a good ablative paint. Good luck
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Based on various work and drilling for new equipment, in both my 2004 and now my 2006 Albin hulls the coring showed "orange" resin which indicates Vinyl ester resin. "Green" would indicate poly ester resin.
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