PNW Rendezvous?

Coordinator - Dave Kircher (dkircher)
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dkirecher: Nice to see your post of interests. It seems with Irene my Albin will be delayed coming out west. It was suppossed to be in Vancouver, BC by 9-12 for reassembly. However, the transporter truck is stuck in NY as they will not issue permits to move the current load. I'm bumed, but understand the east coast problems are many.
My Luhrs boat is at Sunset Marina. I might be able to attend if the group does not throw me out for arriving in a non Albin. However, I am an Aliin Owner and would like to meet the group. In Kauai house/dog sitting for friends until Sept 10th. Do plan to be up that way the latter part of Sept. if the Albin arrives & to check the Luhrs. Will watch for your posting of whether this goes this year or not. Next year I can attend for sure. whwells
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whwells wrote:Billydev: Are you at the Ancorates Marina? Will be in slip D20 in Oct sometime after the boat arrives Vancouver, BC and can get it down. whwells boat named "Nibbles"
I am in E17 "LISCANNOR" (NOT D17) and will be there in October. Look forward to meeting you then.
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