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Lads & Lassies: Some of you know by now that I with the help of my capable spouse Ann, am named as your 2012 rendezvous co-ordinator. This plum fell into my hands during a rather one-sided conversation with this years coordinator's lovely wife, Janet. She assured me that should I refuse this opportunity, I would have a rather unpleasant meeting with her 3 brothers, Veni, Vidi, and Vino. So I gladly accepted.

It seems there are several desireable things to look for accomodation wise, that have served us well in the past. The marina's ability to locate as many of us together as possible, the close proximity of a town for shopping, restaurants, etc., a common barbeque area, a pool (in case it's as hot as Coecle's was), ice, laundry, heads/showers and such.

With these parameters in mind, I have the following options to offer: Essex Island Marina, which many of you are familiar with, has all the aforementioned requirements plus a nice raft up spot in Hamburg Cove. The marina is a few miles up the Connecticut River so is fairly central to the members. I placed a call earlier this week, and while July 20 and 21 are already reserved, the following weekend, July 27 and 28, are open for us. They have a tentative hold on those dates.

I also called Townsend Manor Marina in Greenport and they can accomodate us as well. We haven't stayed there for years but it is a small family owned place that can put us pretty much together, has a seperate barbeque area, a pool, breakfast 6 days a week, laundry, ice, heads/showers, and a nice bar inside for get togethers. They can accomodate us either the 3rd or 4th weekends in July. The town of Greenport is maybe a 5-7 minute walk. The marina is located in well-protected Stirling Basin across from Brewer's Stirling Harbor Marina. They, like Essex Island Marina, will offer a 4 night stay for the price of 3. Raft-up possibilities are Orient Harbor or Coecles Harbor. Unlike Essex Island, Townsend doesn't have an out of the weather get-together location other than the bar. Which may not be a bad thing.

There is also the option of Mitchell's Marina which is the Town of Greenport's marina. They can offer us a single dock, clean heads/showers, and very close proximity to town and all it offers. They do not have a pool, or common barbeque area or a covered place to get together. I offer them as just an option you may want to think about.

Please give me your thoughts on the location most attractive to you. Questions, ideas, post them and we (or another member) will attempt to answer to your satisfaction. Thanks.
Dave Sieben (Dave39)
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Thanks again Dave for stepping up and thanks Janet for not giving him much of a choice :wink:

EIM is basically built for a rendezvous. Although many of us have "been there done that" the place is too accomodating to not seriously consider it.

Townsend would be new to the list and could certainly work too.

I have spent some time at Mitchell and in my opinion it's more of a day tripper or one nighter. It's very convenient location in the center of town is nice but can make it a bit noisy and the marina is not at all protected and can get very bouncy. Plus, with no pool if we have another 100deg weekend we'll spend our life savings between the air-conditioned bars and shops. If it rains we can have the get-together on the famous carousel :lol:
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My first vote would be for Townsend - haven't been there for a few years - always liked the short walk to town. The town has more to do than Essex. Fishing Plum gut or Gardiners is also an option.
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I'd vote for Essex. We loved it when I took Froggy down for the rendezvous a couple years ago. I've got the dates on my calendar.

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Our vote would be Townsend. We haven't been there for years and would be reminiscent of times of yo. Although Greenport does not have the Griswold Inn, they certainly have other areas where a member can maintain their status in the AOG
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