Ho Hsing FRG - Taiwan builder of Albin 36

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Curious about the heritage of my recently purchased 1978 Albin 36, I’ve been doing a bit of research and discovered that my boat was built by Ho Hsing. Did a bit of research on Ho Hsing and found this:

"Ho Hsing F.R.P. Co. Ltd. for about 25 years was a fabricator of many fiberglass-reinforced products including Mercedes and Volvo bus bodies, floating docks, bathtubs, modular bathrooms, skate boards, septic tanks, swimming pools and large storage tanks. Building the Sundowner tugs from 1981, Ho Hsing had fiberglass boat building experience back to about 1974 with the Albin 36 trawler and a sloop or ketch-rigged flush-deck Nantucket 38 design by Peter Cole of Australia. In 1984 their total annual production was about 90 boats by about 300 workers in several plants. Balsa cored decks using Baltek balsa processes could be also in boat hulls at the buyers option, (but NOT offered on Sundowners). Y. C. "Archie" Chen was the general manager of Ho Hsing."

If you have more info on this builder, I hope you will share it.
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