Albin Owners Group
Dedicated to Albin Boats, Owners, Prospective Owners, and Fans -  Established 2005

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Albin Owners Group is 100% advertising free. But, we do have expense related to servers, software, and maintenance. Our administrators and moderators time is donated as well. The markup on burgees, tote bags, hats, and other items we provide for our members is minimal. That money goes directly towards operating expense. Any monies left over after operating expense will go toward future rendezvous' and gatherings.

How can you help? Buy something! We also understand that many just don't want or need more "stuff". Short of that a donation of any amount would be great.

A Supporting Member of Albin Owners Group will have full access to all forums including the growing library of files.

Please note: This is a donation, not a purchase. If you want to purchase gear please go to the appropriate page. Thanks!

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